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Doctor Phillips Florida is an unincorporated suburban area in Orange County Florida. The area is named after citrus magnate Dr. Phillip Phillips—at one time considered the largest citrus producer in the world. A foundation bearing his name still funds many Orlando area charities and organizations to benefit the Orange County community. Doctor Phillips Florida is just a 20-minute drive on I-4 to attorney John Guidry’s office. For those that don’t know, Dr. Phillips is known for their excellent school system, especially Dr. Phillips High School (many locals relocate to the area just to have their kids attend Dr. Phillips High).

If you have been charged with a crime in Doctor Phillips or the greater Orlando area you need an experienced legal counselor on your side. Criminal Defense Attorney John Guidry will aggressively defend your constitutional right to have your voice heard. As a knowledgeable criminal defense attorney since 1993, he has dealt with a variety of legal issues including cases involving probation violations, DUI, battery, driving while license suspended, trafficking, theft, traffic violations, sex crimes and many others. These charges can be serious, but contacting a defense lawyer as soon as possible can lead to a favorable outcome in court. Many times Lawyer John Guidry can use alternative sentencing options such as Pretrial Diversion, Pretrial Intervention, Drug Court, Diversion Services, rehabilitation programs, work release, or whatever it takes to get the best outcome possible for your circumstances.

It can be a frightful experience to be arrested in Florida. We all make mistakes, and know bad choices can happen to anyone. Rest assured Attorney John Guidry will provide you with peace of mind regarding your legal situation. With over a thousand cases defended and 17+ years experience, Orlando defense attorney John Guidry is your best choice for representing you in the Doctor Phillips or Orlando area if you ever find yourself being arrested. His defense expertise includes a variety of areas including crimes such as battery, domestic violence, sex crimes, probation violations, possession of narcotics, traffic violations including driving with a suspended license, and driving under the influence (DUI).

Attorney John Guidry has 17+ years of experience as a Criminal defense attorney. He has successfully represented thousands of Florida clients. Call anytime for your free legal consultation. Contact The Law office of John Guidry by phone at 407-423-1117 or online.

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