Driver’s License Check - Enter your driver license number to check status.  This is great little website because it can tell you exactly what citations are holding back your license.  This website will contain a list of every single unpaid citation, including the citation number and the phone number of the clerk who is in charge of receiving payment for said citation. But, there's a problem that can sometimes creep into this equation.  Don't simply run down the list of citations on this website, and start paying them without consulting an attorney first.  If you pay everything off, you may be creating a more serious license problem.  Also, keep in mind that this website does not give you a driving record, per se.  If you want a copy of your driving record, head to the DMV for a print out.  Also, there are some websites that provide driving records for a small fee.  That being said, this website is an excellent way to check on what is holding back your license.  

Orange County Jail Inmate Lookup   - Find someone in OCJ by last name

Seminole County Jail Inmate Lookup - Find someone in John E. Polk facility by last name

Criminal History info through FDLE - Resources to help obtain criminal history info

Nationwide Directory of Criminal Defense Lawyers

Warrant Search / Probation check through Florida Dept. of Corrections - Find warrants, who’s on probation or in prison, release dates, etc.  Sometimes, this is a good site because it tells a citizen whether or not they have a warrant outstanding (this is most important to probationers).  The problem is, this website doesn't always publish outstanding warrants.  My point is, don't assume that a warrant doesn't exist just because this website doesn't list the warrant.  There may well be a warrant, and a better place to check can be the Clerk of Court website.  

Brevard County Clerk of Court - Check status of criminal cases

Orange County Clerk of Court - Check status of criminal cases, and whats interesting about the Orange County Clerk is that you can click on certain court documents to see them.  If the clerk will not show you a document online, it is probably because it contains sensitive information, so you'll have to send them an email and request that they redact the document and publish it.  This is their job, they'll do it, but it could take a few days.  

Osceola County Clerk of Court - Check status of criminal cases

Seminole County Clerk of Court - Check status of criminal cases, Seminole's Clerk will also show you the court documents from their website, but it can be a bit tricky to locate the documents section.  If you just look up the docket of a case, you may not find the documents there.  You'll have to dig a bit deeper, but the documents are there, its just a matter of finding them.

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