What to Do if You have a Warrant?

Just a word about warrants. You know, what should you do when you find out that there's a warrant for your arrest?

I know that you've got to turn yourself in but, also, and I know this sounds like, well, never ask a barber if you need a haircut--but--you really do need to talk to an attorney.

There are some things we can do before you turn yourself in.

The first thing is, can we resolve this thing before you hit a jail cell? Because that makes you look better. If you're going to be arrested for some theft and we can go make these people whole again, before you even hit a jail cell.

And, this "misunderstanding" that we know it is, rather than looking like some criminal act--that's going to help your case down the road.

Everything we do prior to that warrant being served that can help the situation is going to lessen your sentence. Or, possibly sometimes even get the warrant dismissed. So, I know you've got to turn yourself in. I get that. But you also need to talk to an attorney and make sure that everything is in order and that everything has been done that should be done on your behalf before you go turn yourself in.

That's the best game plan I can tell you to do. So, get to it.

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