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Welcome to our Orlando criminal defense website, thanks for coming. You’re probably here because you, or someone you care about, may be in trouble. Relax. Believe it or not, there are Orlando criminal attorney professionals out there that deal with these ‘situations’ all day, every day. Criminal defense attorney John Guidry is just such a person. Since 1993, he’s defended thousands of serious criminal cases right here in Central Florida. Yes, in our over twenty years of helping the accused we’ve seen it all, DUI, battery, robbery, probation violations, driving while license suspended, cocaine, trafficking, theft, possession, pretrial intervention, sealing & expungement, diversion, and the list goes on and on. Mr. Guidry’s Master’s degree and Juris Doctorate, plus over 22 years of criminal defense experience, helps us with every new accusation we defend, to the point of having cases dismissed, thrown out, or reduced significantly.

In case you haven’t noticed, being arrested means a huge, expensive system of government is working against you. The police officers are against you. The prosecutors are against you. Sometimes even the Judge is against you. Relax. You’ve come to the right place. As an Orlando criminal lawyer, John Guidry will do everything possible to avoid or limit jail time and identify legal issues that can turn into excellent negotiating points with the prosecuting attorney, leading to a favorable outcome to your case. You have a constitutional right to legal representation, so why not chose aggressive, experienced, intelligent counsel? We’re on your side, fighting for your rights, like we’ve been doing since 1993. Free consultations and payment plans are available, so come see criminal defense attorney John Guidry in Downtown Orlando, right next to the Orange County Courthouse.


Orlando criminal attorney John Guidry will do everything possible to prevent the government from imposing its serious guideline sentences. When satisfactory outcomes cannot be achieved thru motions and negotiation, we may use alternative sentencing options such as Pretrial Diversion, Drug Court, Diversion Services, Pretrial Intervention, rehabilitation programs, work release, whatever it takes to get you the best outcome possible given the circumstances.

John's Office
John's Office

You have Constitutional rights. Use them. Don’t talk to the police until you’ve called us first. Your right to remain silent is important (you can’t talk your way out of a ‘situation’, don’t even try it, anything you say can and will be misquoted and misused against you). Don’t consent to a warrant-less search of your car or home without first exercising your right to legal counsel. The Fourth Amendment gives us the right to be free from unreasonable searches and seizures. How does this apply to a car stopped on East Colonial Dr. for a window tint violation? How does this apply to the search of a citizen because an officer allegedly smells an odor of cannabis? Our criminal ‘justice’ system is a maze, and John Guidry has the tools, training, and experience to protect your rights and obtain a favorable outcome.

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