First Thing to Do with a 5 Year HTO Suspension

I'm sorry that you've got that letter from the DMV that says your license is now gone for five years as a habitual traffic offender.

The good news is there a lot of things we can do about it. But the first thing you need to do before you call us -- I want you to get that letter out and I also want you to go online and get a copy of your driving record. The FULL driving record, not that chincie little 7 year thing they try to sell you.

Get the full record. We're gonna need to take a look at that full record and most attorneys will look at that for free.

But that's your first step.

When you figure out your license is gone for five years, grab a copy of your full driving record and then get on the phone and talk to us.

Now, I'll give you some more tips on what needs to be done next, but that's the first thing you've got to do out of gate.

And this may be goes without saying, but DON'T DRIVE. Its a felony to drive with an HTO suspension.

That's obvious, maybe.

But, the letter, by the way, that the DMV sends you--they're not telling you that its a felony not to drive.

Sometimes this letter doesn't even hit your mailbox until you've been driving on the suspension for weeks or months.

So, things are sloppy on their end, we can fix those things. We'll talk later about how these get fixed.

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