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How to Seal or Expunge an Arrest in Florida (Step 2 of 3)

Step Two is when you get the “Certificate of Eligibility” back from FDLE, you’re now going to start drafting some legal documents that get to be filed with the court. If you’ve never done this before, it’s a little tedious, but lets oversimplify it.

First of all, you need to file an Affidavit in Support of your Petition to Seal or Expunge. An affidavit in support of the petition, you can find these online and they’re trustworthy. I do not say that much online is trustworthy, especially when it comes to legal documents. But, there are a couple of affidavits in support that are trustworthy, find one and use it.

How to Seal or Expunge an Arrest in Florida (Step 2 of 3)The hard part is the Petition to Expunge, which you also have to draft. And, I have not found a trustworthy petition to seal or expunge online, so hopefully you have some friends in some law firms and they have a trustworthy petition that you can use.

So when you’ve drafted your petition to expunge or seal and you’ve drafted your affidavit in support of the petition. And obviously, the affidavit has to be notarized. Then, you’re going to take those two documents and take your certificate of eligibility and you are going to file them on Florida’s e-filing system. Or, get with the Clerk of Court so that they can explain–if they will explain–to you how to file something in your jurisdiction.

This is not hard, but, you know, not easy if you’ve never done it before. Once you’ve filed all this stuff with the Clerk of Court now comes the hard part.

Step Three (the hard part) can be found in my next video.

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