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The city of Kissimmee Florida is located in Osceola County Florida. Osceola County is growing by leaps and bounds, and the city of Kissimmee is growing right there with it. Kissimmee is located 20 miles south of the Greater Orlando area, and the traffic to get from Orlando to Kissimmee is brutal, I’m just saying. As you probably know, Kissimmee is home to the Osceola County Courthouse. The parking situation at the Osceola County Courthouse has improved over the last couple of years with the addition of a free parking garage (how long with this remain free? Tough to say!). Also, be careful when parking right next to the Osceola County Courthouse in the “one hour” parking lot. Yes, they monitor this lot, and I have been burned several times.

Anyway, back to some facts about Kissimmee. According to a recent census, the city’s population consists of just over 62,000 residents. The 2009 median single-family house or condo value in Kissimmee Florida was just over $150,000. Those were the last numbers I could find, but I’m sure its gone up since then.

The Osceola County city was founded in the mid-19th century and originally named Allendale; the name was changed to Kissimmee in 1883 when the city was incorporated. Early Kissimmee was home to an important shipyard responsible for building large steamships. The shipyard was later relocated to Lake Okeechobee due to tough economic times in the area. Modern day Kissimmee is probably best known for its close proximity to Walt Disney World, which opened its doors in 1971. Obviously, the opening of the Disney theme park was a tremendous boost to the local Orlando area economy and remains an important source of income to the state of Florida. Many folks remember Kissimmee as farm land with a bunch of horses. I don’t remember it that way, but this is what I’ve been told. Much like the nearby city of Orlando, the local economy is heavily dependent on tourism, maybe even more so than Orlando. Consequently, crime in Kissimmee is not dealt with lightly. In particular, theft crimes such as robbery or grand theft are often punished more harshly when the victims are tourists (no stats on that, just my humble opinion based upon almost two decades of defending such offenses). If you have been charged, speak with an experienced attorney such as a Kissimmee criminal defense lawyer.

If you Have Been Charged, Seak Legal Help Today

Although not tolerated, criminal activity in this city does exist. The Law office of John Guidry has represented many Kissimmee and nearby Orlando area residents. Common criminal activities in this area include: theft, DUI (Driving under the influence), misdemeanors, domestic violence, and possession of marijuana, probation violations, and various traffic offenses– including driving with a suspended license. If you are arrested or charged with a crime in the Kissimmee or the Greater Orlando area you need to obtain quality legal representation. It is your constitutional right to be defended by a Kissimmee criminal defense lawyer.

Criminal Defense Lawyer John Guidry has defended well over 1000 cases in the Greater Orlando area. With over 24 years experience defending Florida residents, you can be sure John will do everything possible to help your situation reach a favorable outcome. Many times, your criminal charge can be reduced, dropped or alternative sentencing such as diversion can be instated.

If you’re heading to the Osceola County Courthouse for a criminal case, you’re going to need some legal help. Call John anytime. Let’s talk.

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