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Lake Mary

The City of Lake Mary Florida is located in Seminole County, Florida. The Seminole county city was once ranked #4 of the best places to live in the United States. According to the 2009 census Lake Mary has a population of roughly 15,000 residents. Yes, its been a while since I looked up these population stats, and I’m sure its grown since then.

For those not familiar with this area, Lake Mary is considered one of the more wealthy areas nearby Orlando, with many expensive, gated, and beautiful neighborhoods (nice golf courses as well). Lake Mary doesn’t, necessarily, have Windermere money, or Winter Park old money, but it certainly ranks pretty high on the mansion meter, if there is such a thing. One of my favorite Mexican restaurants in Lake Mary is Don Julio’s, definitely worth checking out. There’s a another Don Julio’s on the east side of Orlando, and that place is hopping almost every night of the week, but the quieter version in Lake Mary tastes just as good.

The estimated racial makeup of the city is 89% White, 3% Asian, 3% African American, .24% Native American, .09% Pacific Islander, and 6% Latino the remaining percentage classified as from other races. The median home value in Lake Mary Florida (2011) was around $205,000. The city has 7 public schools, 5 private schools, 1 State college (Seminole State College of Florida) and one technical college.

If you are arrested or charged with a crime in Lake Mary or the Seminole county area call Lake Mary criminal defense lawyer John Guidry II. He is dedicated to defending your legal rights and will work hard to obtain the best possible outcome for your case. It is important to remember you have a right to a legal defense under the constitution. In order to have the best possible outcome in court if you are charged with a crime, it is imperative you contact an experienced attorney as soon as possible.

Speak With a Legal Professional If You Have Been Charged

Lake Mary criminal defense lawyer John Guidry has defended in Central Florida, including Seminole county, for over 24 years. The drug court program in Seminole County is top notch, I have to say. They seem very interested in seeing folks recover from addiction, and I’ve had a couple of clients who have benefited greatly from Seminole County’s caring approach to drug addiction. I see a similar approach in Orange County, and its good to have the government helping its citizens recover from addiction, rather than just treating them like criminals.

If you have a criminal case in Seminole County, give John a call today. Yes, this call is free, and the consultation is free, so you have very little to lose.

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