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Maitland Florida is a suburb located north of the greater metro Orlando area. The city located in Orange County, Florida has a population of just over 14,000 residents. The city of Maitland has a rich history and is one of Central Florida’s oldest suburban areas. In the past, the city was home to Native Americans and also was the background for the Seminole Indian War. Maitland was also well known for its contribution to the citrus industry in Florida. The city is named after Fort Maitland established by the U.S. army in 1838. Maitland is now a quiet suburb with many lakes and parks located about 15 minutes from downtown Orlando. Maitland has a few nice lakes good for boating, and is home to many large corporations. As of this writing, EA Sports (Madden football, etc) has a main office in Maitland, for you video game fans out there. Also, the Orlando Magic NBA Basketball team have their practice and training facility at the RDV Sports Complex, in the heart of Maitland. To get to Maitland criminal defense lawyer John Guidry’s office from Maitland, Florida take highway I-4 West to Orlando and get off on exit 83 (South St).

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Although crime is not abundant in the city of Maitland Florida, it still does exist. Defense Lawyer John Guidry has represented many first time offenders in the Maitland Florida area on a variety of charges including: moving violations, DUI (Driving under the influence), possession of controlled substances, traffic violations, resisting arrest, domestic violence, driving while license suspended and various other crimes.

We all know getting arrested or charge with a crime is not a pleasant experience. The government is not working on your side to help your situation. You need good legal representation like Defense Attorney John Guidry who will aggressively defend your case in the most efficient, timeliest manner possible. It is important to secure a criminal attorney as soon as you find yourself in a position where you could possibly be facing probation or even imprisonment. Orlando criminal lawyer John Guidry has had a good track record of helping those in the Orange County and the surrounding Orlando area. Many times he can use alternative sentencing options including Pretrial Intervention, Pretrial Diversion, rehabilitation programs, work release, drug court or whatever he can to get the best outcome for your circumstance.

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"If you need legal help your in the right place John Guidry is efficient professional and gets the job done. There’s no games or gimmicks. John will always be highly recommended by me . Thank you John for all of your help.” Jovon W.
"Straightforward and will go the extra mile for you. If the unfortunate need ever arises, John would always be my first call. Honesty and integrity are the words that come to mind in reference to his impeccable service. Thankful for you, John.” Renee F.
"If you need an excellent lawyer I would recommend the Law Firm of John Guidry 100%. He took the time to hear me out and helped me with my case. Thank you so much John.” Edwin M.