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See below for some of our various areas of focus. To learn how we may be able to assist with your case, call and schedule a consultation today.

There are so many different ways to wind up arrested on a ‘trafficking’ charge, each different drug carrying a different minimum mandatory prison sentence. The mandatory minimum prison sentences are dictated by the weight of the drug. Possess over 28 grams of cocaine, for example, and you have yourself a Trafficking in Cocaine >28 grams Under 200 grams charge. However, Cannabis can behave a bit differently, as possession of greater than 300 cannabis plants (regardless of their weight) constitutes a Trafficking in Cannabis charge.

Here are the basics for proving a trafficking case. Let’s use the popular charge of Trafficking in Cocaine > 28 grams. The state must prove four elements: (1) that the defendant knowingly purchased or possessed a certain substance, (2) the substance was cocaine, (3) the quantity was 28 grams or more, and (4) the defendant knew the substance was cocaine.

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About Our Practice Areas

John P. Guidry II I defend criminal cases in the State of Florida. Any crime. This is my practice area page, welcome!

That being said, I’m not sure why I have a “practice areas” page. After all, my website contains an exhaustive list of crimes defended. As a matter of fact, I’ve often wondered if this site has too much information.

Actually, you want to know why I have a “practice areas” page? Because my web optimizer people–bless their heart–require it. To make matters worse, they have requested “original content”. Hum. What can I say about my practice areas that hasn’t been said by a 100,000+ attorneys in the State of Florida?

First of all, describing my “practice areas” sounds dangerously close to asking me the yawning question: “What Do You Do For A Living?” A typical response would sound something like this: “I am a criminal defense attorney.”

But, this answer is boring (boring is a mortal sin, right?). Let’s face it, any answer that says “I AM a something” doesn’t tell us much. Again, my web optimizer people have claim I must have a “practice areas” page, so here it is.

My practice area involves solving problems–the kind of problems that can land you in jail. I solve problems at various stages in the process, meaning, don’t wait until you’ve been arrested to hire an attorney. For example, I recently had a client who was accused of rape. Serious charge, for sure. I worked with the detective and prosecutor and eventually, my client’s case was dropped before he was even arrested. Most people wait until they’re arrested to hire an attorneyand that’s fine, but if you catch wind of an investigation early–hire an attorney. Doesn’t have to me, of course, but get a professional involved asap. I’m just saying.

There are all sorts of ways to help people out of their predicaments. Let me describe my approach. It is different.

To understand my approach to defending criminal cases, let me first tell you about my friend. Not an imaginary friend, but a real friend. He is now retired, but he required all of his first time DUI clients to take their case to a jury trial. Every single one. My friend was (is) an excellent trial attorney. Hire him, and you’re going to trial. Nothing wrong with that. He obtained excellent results for his clients and he is (was) the best trial attorney in town, but his “one size fits all” approach simply doesn’t fit everyone’s circumstances. Not every client can risk jail time on the rare occasion he lost a trial.

Now, my representation is different. I do not require my clients to go to trial. Typically, my clients want dismissal–they do not want to risk jail time at the end of a trial (no matter how good my trial skills are). My focus is on dismissal–not trial. My focus is on suppression of evidence. Yes, I’ve done over 70 jury trials. Actually, I love going to trial, but most of my clients have too much at risk, so I am hired to find solutions that don’t involve going to jail.

Ok, getting back to this whole “practice areas” thing. I think my web optimizer people want some sort of list of crimes that I defend. To that end, let me mention the fact that I handle DUI’s, Shoplifting, Petit Theft, Grand Theft, Expunges, Sealing, Possession of All Sorts of Controlled Substances, Possession of Child Pornography, Possession of anything illegal, and so forth. I could go on, but you get the point. Everything you see on my website is a “practice area”. Sure, if I listed every type of case I’ve defended since 1993, maybe some search engine would appreciate such specificity, but who wants to read a list?

Ok, back to practice areas. Again, I defend any crime except one. I don’t handle First Degree Murder, Death Penalty. Other than that, I handle every single criminal accusation a prosecutor can file in State court.

Client Reviews
"If you need legal help your in the right place John Guidry is efficient professional and gets the job done. There’s no games or gimmicks. John will always be highly recommended by me . Thank you John for all of your help.” Jovon W.
"Straightforward and will go the extra mile for you. If the unfortunate need ever arises, John would always be my first call. Honesty and integrity are the words that come to mind in reference to his impeccable service. Thankful for you, John.” Renee F.
"If you need an excellent lawyer I would recommend the Law Firm of John Guidry 100%. He took the time to hear me out and helped me with my case. Thank you so much John.” Edwin M.