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The city of Sanford Florida is located in Seminole county and is located 25 miles north of Orlando, Florida. According to a recent census, the population consists of just over 50,000 people. The city is named after landowner Henry Shelton Sanford who purchased large parcels of land in 1870’s. The area at this time was well known for its many citrus groves with over 140 varieties of citrus, including the Valencia orange. Sanford was also once known as one of the largest vegetable shipping centers in the country. Modern day Sanford Florida includes a major airport; one of two major hubs in the Orlando area. The airports location sits on the grounds of a former U.S. Naval Air Station, which was in operation from 1942 to 1968. Historic downtown Sanford has some excellent bars and nightclubs, as well as restarants for all types of appetites. An especially fun night out is known as “Live after 5”, when the downtown streets are closed to vehicle traffic and vendors set up booths with food, drinks, music, and art. This downtown celebration starts at 5pm and his held once a month.

The Law office of John Guidry has represented many Sanford area residents. If you are charged with a crime or arrested in Sanford or the Seminole county Florida area, it is imperative you seek legal counsel as soon as possible. Failure to contact a lawyer immediately following an arrest can cause further problems down the road. If you are charged with a DUI (Driving under the influence) your license may be suspended or even revoked. You may also have other negative consequences such as increased insurance premiums or possible jail time. Attorney John Guidry II has successfully defended clients in the Orlando – Sanford area. Contact Defense Attorney John Guidry for your no obligation, free legal consultation.

Attorney John Guidry has defended over 1000 cases in the Orlando - Seminole county area for over 17 years. He will aggressively defend your rights to obtain the best possible outcome in court. He has represented many citizens in Sanford Florida charged with a variety of crimes including first time offenders, weapons charges, DUI (Driving under the influence), felonies, misdemeanors, domestic violence, possession of marijuana (cannabis), probation violations, theft and burglary, suspended license and drug trafficking.

The Law office of John Guidry offers free legal consultations and payment plans. Most credit cards are also an acceptable form of payment. Lawyer John Guidry is committed to his clients and will take whatever legal steps necessary to solve your situation in a timely and cost effective manner. Call the Law office of John Guidry today at (407) 423-1117 for your free consultation or contact him online.

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