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The city of Sanford Florida is located in Seminole county and is located 25 miles north of Orlando, Florida. According to a recent census, the population consists of just over 50,000 people (my census data is not super recent, its grown since then, I think).

The city is named after landowner Henry Shelton Sanford who purchased large parcels of land in 1870’s. The area at this time was well known for its many citrus groves with over 140 varieties of citrus, including the Valencia orange. Sanford was also once known as one of the largest vegetable shipping centers in the country. Modern day Sanford Florida includes a major airport; one of two major hubs in the Orlando area. I have to say, Sanford International Airport is really worth checking out. After flying so much out of Orlando International, its just nice that Sanford lets you park right there, and walk into the terminal. It takes two seconds to get to your car. This small airport takes the hassle out of flying. The airports location sits on the grounds of a former U.S. Naval Air Station, which was in operation from 1942 to 1968.

Historic downtown Sanford has some excellent bars and nightclubs, as well as restaurants for all types of appetites. An especially fun night out is known as “Live after 5”, when the downtown streets are closed to vehicle traffic and vendors set up booths with food, drinks, music, and art. This downtown celebration starts at 5 pm and his held once a month. When you head to historic downtown Sanford, I recommend checking out The Willow Tree Cafe. Its a German restaurant, and its always good. I’ve been to Germany three times, and the Willow Tree is some of the best German food you’re going to find in Central Florida. Also, it can be hard to find good live German music, but the Willow Tree has it Thursdays thru Sundays. To get better German food than this, you’ll have to drive to Tampa and check out Mr. Dunderbak’s Biergarten and Brewery.

Also, who doesn’t try to support local artists? To that end, check out the Jeanine Taylor Folk Art gallery, and the Gallery on First, both in downtown Sanford. The Gallery on First is cool because it has several artists working on their craft right there in the studio. Its kind of a work space, slash gallery. Definitely worth checking out. And, the folk art in Jeanine Taylor’s gallery is excellent. For those of you who have been to my office, you’ll see at least six or seven pieces on the office wall right as you walk in. I love folk art, I’m just running out of wall space.

The Law office of John Guidry has represented many Sanford area residents. So, if you are charged with a crime or arrested in Sanford or Seminole county, it is imperative you seek legal counsel as soon as possible. Sanford has its fair share of crime, and my law firm handles every last drop of it. We offer free legal consultations and payment plans, so there’s no need to wait. Yes, I know you’ve heard this sort of thing before, but its all true. My number is (407) 423-1117. Give me a call. Thanks!

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