The Most Important Step After Dismissal of Shoplifting Case

Its really not enough to get your petit theft dismissed. And the reason why its not enough is because people are still going to see your criminal history once the case gets dismissed.

No, you've got to take this all the way. And, what I mean by that is we've got to expunge your record. Once you've done, say, some community service hours and you've taken an 8 hour anti theft class, the next big step--and this can take months and months--but it is worth it. You've got to get that case sealed & expunged. We don't want anybody seeing this.

There's no reason once its been dismissed for people to keep looking at you, keep looking at your mugshot, keep looking at all the stuff online. Once it's sealed or expunged a lot of this stuff is gonna go away.

It takes some work to make it go away but that's really your end goal. Not just dismissal, but complete erasure. And that can be done for a shoplifting and a petit theft case.

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