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Getting a Hardship License After a DUI Arrest

When you’ve been arrested for DUI one of the first bad things that happens to you is that your license is suspended for six months, sometimes up to a year if you refuse to blow.

The good news is of course that you can get a hardship license, and that will let you drive even though you don’t have your full license back because of the DUI.

Getting a Hardship License After a DUI Arrest

There’s a way to do this. To get this hardship license, you’ve got to start by signing up for the DUI counterattack school. It’s called the DUI school “Level One”. When you sign up for the DUI school, please, bring your paperwork to this place because they will turn you away if you don’t have your arrest report and things like that.

Second, this class runs about $300, maybe $290, somewhere in there, sometimes as low as $265. Either way, bring your checkbook, right?

The second thing you’re going to do is take proof of that class–proof that you’ve just signed up for the class, and bring it to the DMV. But, not just any DMV, you’ve got to take it to the Bureau of Administrative Reviews.

Here in Orlando the Bureau is at 4101 Clarcona-Ocoee Blvd. But, usually, each county has one Bureau of Administrative Reviews, some counties actually share a bureau.

What you’re going to have to do is take the sign up sheet to the Bureau of Administrative Reviews and they will give you your hardship license.

It runs about $250 on the Bureau’s end to reinstate and get a hardship. So, be aware that this whole thing is going to run about $600.

Now, before you do all this, let me just ask you to do one thing: you have to consult with an attorney first. Because, that DUI suspension that you’re getting a hardship for, maybe its beatable? Maybe it shouldn’t be there to begin with.

Maybe the machines weren’t working properly or what-have-you. Maybe the stop of your car wasn’t good enough to issue a suspension.

And if that’s the case, talk to an attorney who’s going to be able to tell you “go ahead and get your hardship” or “let me fight the hardship, let me fight to get your license back”.

Because really, you’re better off with a full license than just having a hardship license, and in another video we’ll talk to you about what a hardship license is, and isn’t.

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