How to Reduce Grand Theft to Petit Theft

I want to say a quick word about grand theft. And, I don't mean any grand theft, I mean the shoplifting variety of grand theft.

The way you get a shoplifting grand theft is that you are accused of stealing over $300 worth of merchandise. Our goal on a grand theft shoplifting is to get that thing down into County Court. We want to get you away from Circuit Court where the judge can send you to prison and nasty things happen. We want to get you on a misdemeanor petit theft in County Court.

The way we do that is we're going to attack the pricing structure of their claim that you stole over $300 worth of stuff. Let's face it, the cops are not on your side, they're not your friend, so when they list the items and they claim its over $300--it really may not be over $300.

If you get caught stealing $330 worth of stuff from Bed Bath & Beyond--this place sends out a 20% off coupon every day of the week. 30% off $330 gets you under $300, that gets you a misdemeanor. Everybody uses those coupons at Bed Bath & Beyond and therefore, you shouldn't be facing a felony when the promotions that are available were gonna get you items under $300.

That's just one way that we're going to take a felony and turn it into a misdemeanor.

We've got a lot of ways to fix a grand theft shoplifting. So, go out there, talk to some attorneys, give them the facts of your case, and let them work this thing out so that you don't have a felony on your record and you're not facing that Circuit Court judge who can send you to prison for something stupid. We're here to help, this is a totally fixable situation.

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